The architecture, cleanness, and design of an enterprise represents the positive image for the customers.  Today, all the enterprises are aware of this image and they care for interior decoration in addition to the quality of the service. Hotels are in the first step of determining the image and they are aware that a positive image in the customer’s perception will lead to be selected again. Although image has a wide range from corporate identity to delivery of the service, the image for hotel is primarily the “hotel furniture”.

Hotel furniture are generally selected before operation and these selections have important tips. For example, when the furniture for a hotel project is selected, the concept of the hotel should be considered. If the concept is classical, the furniture should be classical. The comfort of the guests should be the fundamental component in decision making. The quality of service shouldn’t be ignored for a visual image.

All the components of an enterprise can be gathered in a single point but if the components aren’t well places, the operation won’t be successful. Thus, when a positive hotel image is created, various starting points and selections can be determined. But uncoordinated steps and non-optimized decisions will cause a harm on the image. The main purpose here is to establish a correct relationship between the components. You should remember that the hotel furniture are the fundamental components of the hotel image and they will open the door for a second visit. 

Hotel Furniture