Selecting the hospital furniture and therefore creating hospital projects are delicate processes compared to other projects. Hospitals are divided into different section for usage purposes and these are mainly outpatient and inpatient examinations, analyses, medical interventions and investigations. At the same time hospitals are classified as public and private hospitals where various researched and treatments are conducted. While this classification will reveal the details of a hospital project in general terms, the sensitivity remains constant until the project is finalized. The sterile conditions requirements for hospitals constitute the most basic point of hospital furniture selection, which can bring many revisions along the selection period without compromising these basic points. To avoid unintended consequences, the details and the selection for the project should be considered.

Although the project details we have mentioned above describe the stage after the establishment of the hospital, the hospital formations that are still in the idea stage are important points for the projects to optimally continue. Therefore; While the ideas about the hospital are still developing, expert architects, technicians and engineers should be included in the project. Achieving optimal results is only possible if faults are not yet visible. Otherwise the process and the cost will increase.

While the numerous projects and furniture designs we have realized within İSTPROJE reflect the reality of our choice, the ergonomics and comfort principle are also considered. While İSTPROJE undertakes the task of projecting especially important institutions such as hospitals, it determines the requirements with an investor and patient's eyes and creates the most appropriate usage area with the appropriate production. 

Hospital Furniture