Successful enterprises are the ones that know how to listen. We are listening to our customers and as we move forward, we are trying to be one step closer to demands. As İSTPROJE, customer relations is as important as quality and service. The reason is the starting point is listening to the customers.  Researches show that companies that have succeeded in the market place emphasis on developing more customer relationships rather than developing sales, marketing, production, engineering, or products. The sources and the data of the research shows and as we always say, when we talk about the mission of İSTPROJE,, 'we want to draw your dreams'. Because you are our power not our customers.

“Who are your customers?” We know that “everyone” is an incorrect answer to this question and we are moving towards our objectives with our minimal target group. Our customer group is as large as we can profit and as small as to provide a quality service. Our power comes from our small but effective structure.

Until today, the İSTPROJE, team, combining design with creative projects, has tried and will try to be the best in everything. We know the importance of customer relationship yet we didn’t have any extra effort to provide this element. Because the partners we agree are a member of our family. When we are drawing the colours, we are thinking like our partners. We have become a large family. All you need to do is contact with İSTPROJE, to realise colours, and design a peaceful home, office, or any other venue. We hope to meet you in colours.

Customer Relationship